The Final — Not Supper — Chips

Last week Thursday. I was sad.

The final consultation Professor Nericcio set up was from 3:30 to 5:00pm–the exact time period when I was having my last Metabolic course. Life is tough. You always need to make ONE choice even if you thought “Yuh, maybe I will get a second chance”, and it will turn out to be “Nah, sorry XXX I had to make a choice.”

My last Metabolic course. That was the choice I made.

The class was a wrap-up and our professor Herndon was finally back from her sad family issue. We were all empathetic for her loss (NO SYMPATHETIC, we are all injured runners in pathetic anthropomorphic avatars!). Her final lecture, after two-week absence, was still rich and instructive. I almost forgot my sadness for not choosing Bill. Bad Leon!

So the lecture ended early, since every professor knew that he/she could not stop us unbridled mustangs from swarming into libraries to study all nights (Though every professor would still say: take a good rest. Interesting). I wandered towards PC and thought about how I should deal with the 8am final on Saturday morning. While I suddenly realized it was just 4:40. Hey! Touch down confirmed! I saw the Loft icon shine in the dimmer night, I climbed on the stairs quick, I broke into the cafe and searched around. I didn’t find Bill. Again, sadness almost slipped into bottom of my heart, but a burst of laughter scared it away.

I turned, and.

There was Bill, crashing in a couch and holding a wineglass, smiling at me.

I was the only one who came to his consultation; that made me proud and sad. But Bill didn’t care, (mimicking Bill’s tone)he’s fine. I was just too excited to catch up with Bill and I didn’t know what to say, so I took out a bag of chips as the “appetizer” of our talk.

We talked about UCSD students. It really sucked when there was only one student came to your, to say, final appearance in a quarter, which should be purely fun. Bill and I felt so sorry for those poor guys. We laughed very hard.

We talked about random things: Chinese education, Vonnegut, Chinese writers who are like Vonnegut, Trump, Trump’s likeliness to Mao… I felt free and encouraged when talking to Bill, and I really hope we could be friends after he returned to SDSU.

I didn’t take too many chips. Bill ate them all. He said: “oh you bought gluten-free!” Indeed, 0.5% daily fat in a whole set of chips, no wonder he can’t resist!

The enjoyable talk ended when Bill got his wife’s message, and he took a quick leave.

Hope to see you next quarter in SDSU, Bill!

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